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Why install ev charging?

The EV Revolution Is Already Here

Attract And Retain Tenants

Tenants want the convenience and peace of mind of charging at home. 

Increase Value

Deliver an additional revenue stream and Increase the net operating income of the property.

Promote Sustainability

Qualify for LEED certification and support a more sustainable future.

Why choose clean-e?

State Of The Art EV Chargers

High Powered
The Clean E operates at higher power than other chargers, which will charge the larger batteries in SUVs and trucks of the future.
Convenient For Users
Users don't have to worry about fumbling with their phone or locating the right app – they simply walk up to the charging station and plug in.
Information Security
The Clean E uses quantum encryption technology to ensure your tenant’s personal and financial data is safe and secure.
Made In America
Our Raleigh NC facilities provide high quality products and reliable shipping to ensure projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards.
How many EV charging stations should I install?

The number of EV charging stations you should install depends on the size of your property.

It is recommended to install at least one charging space for every 10 parking spaces, but you may need more depending on your specific circumstances. 

Should I offer free charging or charge for it?

Whether or not to offer free charging is ultimately up to you, but it is worth considering that charging fees can provide a large additional revenue stream over time.

You may also want to consider offering a mix of both free and paid charging based on the goals of the property.

What are the installation and maintenance costs?

The cost of installing EV charging stations varies depending on the number of stations you install, as well as the installation location and electrical infrastructure requirements.

You should also consider the ongoing maintenance and repair costs associated with the charging stations, including the frequency and cost of replacing charging cables.

What kind of warranty and customer support
is available if I have issues with my EV
charging station?

Our top priority is to provide a delightful experience to the EV driver and to provide the highest level of customer support. This includes a 24/7 phone number for app based questions, phone and email support for all other questions, and on-site repair and maintenance services within 48 hours for issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

We provide a five year replacement guarantee warranty on all of our equipment.

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The EV Revolution is now

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