Charging Up Commercial Real Estate, One Property At A Time

We are a North Carolina based EV charging startup.

OUR mission

Enable the EV transition by allowing EV drivers to use their vehicles confidently.

Today, we are at the very beginning of the proliferation of the electric vehicle. Within the next 25 years, 70% of cars will be electric in the United States, which means we will go from the 2 million EVs on the road today, to over 180 million EVs on the road in the next 25 years.

Clean-E is here to help empower that transition.

Our values

We Believe In

User Experience

From setting up your charging solution, to having EV owners charge their cars—our user experience is like no other.


Protecting the planet is not a trend for us, it’s a fundamental value. We strive for sustainability and environmentalism.


Our chargers are simple, reliable, and durable; they provide 99% up-time availability.

Forward Thinking

We embrace innovation and technological advancement. We  help our customers transition into the new energy age.

The EV Revolution is now

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