Clean E Charger

The only EV charger you'll need.

Designed and assembled in Raleigh, NC, the Clean E Charger is on a whole new level.

Built for residential properties.
Provide shared or assigned spaces to residents with secured access.
Create memorable experiences.
With powerful software and hardware, deliver an amenity that is a necessity for EV owners.¹
Increase property value.
Introduce an additional stream of Net Operating Income for EV drivers who are willing to pay additional for charging at home.²
Designed with industrial materials.
Stand out with
an all-metal design,
made with premium
Reliable charger connection with LTE.
Gain peace-of-mind while charging your EV with 99% uptime connectivity through our charger network.³
Charge your EV with fast, level 2, charging.
Get to your destination faster with 240V Level 2 charging.
Maximize return on investment.
Clean E chargers are designed to increase ROI, while satisfying tenants, and minimizing lifetime costs.
Assembled in the United States.
Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, all Clean E chargers are assembled in USA.
Take control of EV charging sessions with the Clean E App.¹
Plus so much more.

1. Disclaimer: not all features shown / advertised may be available at launch. To view the latest release notes, please contact info(at)
2. Net Operating Income (NOI) shown with the Clean E Charging Analytics Dashboard is displayed using Beta software. The final release of the Clean E Charging Analytics Dashboard will be released in the Fall of 2024 with expanded features.
3. Clean E uses the AT&T cellular network. EV station uptime is determined through cellular approximations from the manufacturer.